Consulting for sellers, lessors

Brokerage agreement
We always start the brokerage by informing the client, seller, lessor of Terms and conditions, Privacy terms and regulations and after reviewing and collecting the property documentation we continue by entering into agreement.

Real estate estimation
We start this complex procedure by reviewing the real estate and estimating the influence of microlocation on the possibility of sale/rent/lease in the foreseeable future, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the clients. We pay special attention to the quality of the building, the possibilities to place replacement building in respect of spatial planning documentation.
As well, when negotiating for lands, we collect the documentation from the actual spatial planning documents.

Advertising on the market…
A good advertisement goes a long way… is our guiding thought and we are trying to describe each property as accurate as possible, highlighting all its advantages and added values. We also make sure that our ad is faithful to the real estate and we try to support it with as much supported data as possible. From our rich experience we know that a real estate presented realistically and with quality saves energy and time, both to us and our clients. And everyone knows that time is money.